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Mako All Wood Furniture

Mako Alder Bookshelves: 

Mako offers a complete selection of bookshelves from narrow and tall to wide and small providing you a fit for any space in your home.  

Here are just a few examples:

Alder 6 Shelf Bookcase

6 Shelf


5 Shelf


5 Shelf 2 Door

4 Shelf-2Doors

4 Shelf 2 Door

Alder 1 Shelf Bookcase

Alder 2 Shelf Bookcase


Alder 2 Shelf Bookcase

Alder 4 Shelf Bookcase


Alder 6 Shelf Bookshelf

Alder 6 Shelf Bookcase

   For information about Mako Canadian made All Wood Furniture Click here.