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Perfect Home Furniture Calgary is proud to present the new SERTA IComfort Sleep System.

Introducing the new iComfort Sleep System by Serta, featuring our Cool Action™ Gel Memory Foam – the world’s first memory foam infused with the support and cooling touch of Serta’s MicroSupport™ gel. Serta-IComfort-Sleep-SystemThis revolutionary new memory foam is designed to deliver superior pressure relief and more targeted support while sleeping cooler than ordinary memory foam. Plus, it is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant to help protect your mattress from potential allergens.

Today, many people prefer a memory foam mattress for its pressure-relieving comfort, ability to conform and adapt to each person’s body, and outstanding motion isolation. Even so, traditional memory foam technology hasn’t changed much since it was invented more than 40 years ago. While it can provide great comfort to many, others find that memory foam mattresses can sleep too hot, sink in too deeply or make it hard to adjust sleep positions in the night.

Isn’t it about time that someone reinvented memory foam?

What makes iComfort technology better than ordinary memory foam?

Serta’s Cool Action Gel Memory Foam is designed to feel like traditional memory foam…only better!  What makes our Cool Action material different is the MicroSupport gel, which is infused into premium memory foam to create an extremely comfortable, more supportive and cooler sleep surface.

Sleep Cooler

Heat build up during the night can cause uncomfortable and restless sleep.  While ordinary memory foam can trap heat against the body, Serta’s Cool Action™ material combines an open cell structure and our MicroSupport™ gel to dramatically increase airflow and actually whisk heat away from the body.  In fact, it is up to 12 times more breathable than ordinary memory foam to help create a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience. 



Sleep on your Serta IComfort for up to 120 days in your own home. If you are not satisfied with the model you have purchased you can return it in exchange for another. We really want to help you sleep better.

In Store Models:

Serta Insight Sleep System

Serta Savant Sleep System

For more information visit the SERTA website here.